Thanks for being a part of my journey!

I promise you, there will be books! I'm beyond ecstatic to begin my journey as a published author through Write Integrity Press, LLC. I can't wait to share my books with you, and I thank you so much for your support and patience as I learn to be a professional writer. So, come along with me, and let's have fun and grow in love of Jesus together! 

The Aletheian Journeys:
The Arrow Bringer

Evie Lewis has just been diagnosed with leukemia at sixteen. Then, a powerful being called the Arrow Bringer offers her a choice: spend her last days in peace or save Aletheia. She stays. But then Shawn Lawrence—the closest person she has to a friend—goes in her place. Now Evie must save Shawn and race to fix her mistake as a shadow falls over Aletheia. Even as leukemia consumes her body, a new enemy and more imminent perils pursue her. And she must endure all and save Aletheia while keeping her darkest secret: 

that it’s all her fault.

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